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Monday, April 16, 2018

lissabon - der friedhof prazeres

ein wiedersehens-Abendessen bei einer Freundin.
Polenta mit Champignons, überbacken mit scamorza käse, und salat.
that was a welcome dinner at a friend when we were back.
Polenta with Champignons, gratinated with scamorza cheese, and salad.
and a glass of red wine... or two...

nun aber ein letzter bericht über unsere Lissabon reise.
natürlich stand der Friedhof prazeres auf dem Programm. er liegt sehr günstig, an der Endstation der touri-tram 28e... umso erstaunter waren wir, dass wir dort fast alleine waren, mehr katzen als menschen.
but now a last Report about our lisbon trip.
of course the cemetery prazeres was on our program. it is located at the final tram stop of the Tourist route 28e... and the more surprised we were that we almost were alone, more cats than People.

ich beginne gleich mal mit dem größten Familiengrab Europas, dem des Pedro de Sousa Holstein, inkl. 200 Familienangehöriger... inspiriert vom tempel Salomons und den Pyramiden Ägyptens. eine ganze allee führt nur zu dieser grabanlage...
i´m starting with the biggest Family grave of europe - Pedro de Sousa Holstein with 200 Family members... inspired by the temple of solomon and the egyptian pyramids. a large alley leads to this burial site.

die hauptsächlich oberirdischen grüfte des friedhofs sind wie häuser einer Stadt angeordnet, ca 80 Straßen und alleen durchziehen auf diese weise den Friedhof.
the many Mausoleums are placed like houses in a town, along about 80 streets and alleys

die grüfte werden auch als "begräbnisvillen" bezeichnet... darin sind seitlich mehrere särge gestapelt.
wenn an der Glastür kein vorhang ist, kann man das auch sehen, wie hier:
These are called "burial Villas"... with coffins piled up inside.
if there is no curtain at the glass door, you can see this:

einzelne häuser sind sehr unterschiedlich gestaltet:
the Mausoleums are built in various styles:

ein vermutlich neueres (oben) und ein älteres Eckhaus (unten)
a newer (above) and an older Corner house

häufig finden sich auf den Gräbern Freimaurer zeichen...
often you can see free mason signs at the graves...

... und wirklich extrem häufig die geflügelte Sanduhr -
ob in stein, als metallverzierung oder, wie im unteren bild, als Gravur in einer Glastür.
and really very often the winged hour glass - be it in Stone, as a metal element or, like in the lower Picture, an engraving in a glass door.

klassisches todessymbol ("schlafes bruder"): der Mohn
classical Symbol of death ("brother of sleep"): poppies

ob die linke kapsel auf dem unteren bild ein granatapfel ist?
the left seed pod below: might it be a pomegranate

ein Klassiker als friedhofsblume: Calla
typical graveyard flower: calla

für mein stoffteil über den Friedhof hab ich wieder ein ausgedrucktes Foto mit einer geflügelten Sanduhr genommen, außerdem stempel von anima designs.
i printed a winged hour glass for my scroll and used stamps from anima designs

was ich bisher noch nicht erwähnt hatte (auch ganz schnell verdrängt, denn von sowas lass ich mir nicht den schönen Urlaub verderben...):
what i did not mention so far - Trouble on our flight back. cancelled flight with really bad Management by the Airline... but then: i don´t want to let this spoil our beautiful trip. (complaint is submitted, ticked off...)


da die zeit nach unserer reise ja nicht stehen geblieben ist, gibt es einige Ereignisse, die noch in Vorbereitung sind für die journalrolle. ein paar unfertige, lose stücke, die im nächsten post genauer gezeigt werden...
now, time went on and of course there were several Events since our travel which also should become part of the scroll...
so far some unfinished pieces, which i want to Show more detailed in my next post...

hab letzte Woche noch 2 vogelhäuschen aufgehängt - hoffentlich war es nicht schon zu spät für diesen frühling...
i hung two bird houses last week - i hope it was not too late for this spring...


  1. I loved especially seeing your cemetery wandering. When we travel, I always want to do that. I’ve never seen coffins atop each other. Humankind has to stop taking up the space of our earth with those who have passed. Don’t know the answer but some cemeteries here go on for acres and acres. I always like seeing how your trip impacts your current scroll. Memories in an heirloom!

  2. Something quite different here, Johanna, this stroll round the cemetery. My favourites here are the polenta meal, the cats (of course), the orange poppy and that wonderful winged angel. I also like the seagull against the blue sky who photo-bombed your photo of the pretty corner house (I like both old and new) and your scroll piece of the Bad Flight Back.
    Great photos and so much amazing sculpture and structures.

  3. An amazing post Johanna thank you so much for sharing all of these photos-I look forward to your work for your scroll

    1. Oh and your food plate looks so delicious and that carved flower I wonder if that could be a thistle-I bought a thistle charm for my Yellowstone park inspired charm bracelet and looks similar to this

  4. A good post to read and see all those photos. The stone carving looks amazing , it must have been really interesting to see this cemetry.
    The pieces for your scroll look good, I look forward to seeing the pages as you complete them.
    Your meal looked delicious.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Oh Joanna even though I just had my dinner salad I want to jump in and enjoy that meal at the top-mmmm! I think I would have been mesmerized by the walk through the cemetery-those mausoleums-wow! Sorry to hear about the flight problem- but you do have a knack for turning things into beautiful fabric art:) Happy T day!

  6. As I'm sure you remember, I also have a love of cemeteries. The photos you shared were incredible. The rows of "houses" reminded me of New Orleans, Louisiana. Because the water table is so high there, the caskets are stored in these types of houses more for water safety than anything else, I believe. I don't believe that is why the ones in Lisbon are like that. Regardless the reason, these are simply out of this world, and I was incredibly impressed with the art (yes art) and your considerate photos.

    I was also impressed with your meal. Of course, I would sit with you and share a small sip of red wine, too.

    Thanks for stealing my heart today with these cemetery photos, and thanks, too for sharing your wine with us for T this nearly Tuesday.

  7. Those tombs are pretty amazing. That looks like a fascinating place to visit. And you made some great journal pages to remember your trip by. I enjoyed seeing your photos this week too. have a happy T Day Johanna. Hugs-Erika

  8. Wow, das sind ja wirklich Villen und mit teilweise sehr aufwendiger Architektur. Ruhige Lage mit vielen Katzen, das könnte mir auch gefallen, wenn es mal soweit ist. :) Wie ärgerlich, dass Euer Rückflug Verspätung hatte. 14 Stunden ist ja heftig, aber immer noch besser als wenn es auf dem Hinflug passiert wäre.
    Das Polenta-Dinner sieht lecker aus. Gab's ein Bier dazu ;)?
    Herzliche Grüße

  9. das sind ja tolle details, die du auf dem großartigen friedhof entdeckt hast. ich glaube, dort könnte ich tage verbringen...
    ein gecancelter flug ist allerdings nicht so lustig. gut, dass du es nicht so schwer genommen hast!!
    liebe grüße

  10. Wow, that meal looks so delicious and a lovely way to be welcomed home, your friends are so thoughtful! I enjoyed visiting the cemetery with you and the stonework and marble carvings are amazing 😀. You created such lovely fabric scroll additions too and I'm loving your springtime photo collage. Wishing you a happy T Day! J 😊 x

  11. Johanna i have a soft spot for cemeteries... I often played in one when i was a kid.. I loved walking around reading the tombstones... some of them told quite the story of someones life..The cemetery of my childhood was an old one.. very ornate and i loved seeing the architecture in yours.. Thanks so much! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  12. I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad flight back. I hope you are claiming compensation, if not, there is still time (I think it is up to three months after the event). There are many companies that will arrange it for you. We used and got more than 800 eur between the two of us. The delay must be more than 3 hours though. It's very easy, you fill in a form online and they take a percentage. Often 20 or 25% but it's worth it and better than nothing.
    I have a love for old cemiteries. In Italy they have photos on their graves. Even more fascinating. I love all those mausoleums and grave statues and symbolisms. Thank you for sharing those.
    Your polenta looks yummy! And i am again impressed with your fabric journal.
    Have a good week,

  13. Your meal looks delicious, and so well presented.

    Old cemeteries are fascinating, aren't they! My family's cemetery has no mausoleums, so I find these rows of them in different styles amazing. I could spend hours exploring a place like that, and then I'm sure I wouldn't have seen it all.

    I enjoy watching birds and encouraging them to come onto my little patio, and I love your flowers and bird houses. I hope you get baby birds :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Truly stunning cemetery photos...I love to see the architecture, reliefs and sculpture! Your scroll is marvelous...look forward to more about your entries. I'm beginning to wonder if Spring will EVER arrive this year...happy T day!

  15. Burial Villas is a strange concept, but beautiful designs on them. Your ongoing scroll is such a great way of journalling your days.

  16. Das ist ein toller Friedhof und großartige Architektur und Gruften.Schön eingefangen! Wie ärgerlich, dass Euer Rückflug Verspätung hatte. 14 Stunden ist echt ne Zumutung!
    Das Polenta-Dinner sieht so richtig lecker aus.
    Sowas werd ich mir mal machen - hab schon so langen einen Beutel Maisgriess hier und noch immer keine Polenta gemacht! Deine Seiten sind großartig! Du verarbeitest sogar Ärgeliches!Sehr gut!
    Wenn es denn zu spät ist für die Vogelhäuschen sind sie immerhin gute Rückzugshäuschen bei Schlechtwetter für die Vögelchen!
    Liebe Grüße

  17. You're "welcome home" dinner treat from a friend looks delicious, Johanna.

    The cemetary tour was fascinating. I can only imagine the size of it if one family has 200 members interred there. I'd never heard of the winged hourglass symbol, but love the symbolism - especially when the wings are like angel wings (rather than bats!). You shared pictures of many beautiful stone sculptures as well.

    Lovely commemorative scroll pieces. Every trip must have some bumps in the road, right?

    I look forward to hearing about the other new scroll panels in your next post.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  18. What an interesting post. Every one of the pictures of the cemetery is so interesting. I'd enjoy seeing it all in person I'm sure.

  19. That is one beautiful graveyard! I love how you can see inside each mausoleum and the unique architecture. Very neat that they are situated like a village but a bit unnerving if one were to take an evening stroll down there.
    Your scroll is lovely. I can't wait to see your unfinished pieces. The one with the face really caught my eye and I look forward to seeing it up close.
    Happy Tea Day,

  20. ... ein bisschen spät dran bin ich bei dir heute... Wie toll, dass du dem außergewöhnlichen Friedhof noch einen Extra-Beitrag widmest und so viel interessante Details zeigst.
    Ach, und der Rückflug wurde bei euch auch verschoben...wie vor 2 Jahren bei uns aus Andalusien... Wir haben über Fair-Plane Entschädigung eingeklagt und jetzt Erfolg gehabt!
    Liebe Sommergrüße Ulrike


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